Making Technology Work For You

Instead Of You Working The Technology


The whole point of using any application tool – especially with repetitive tasks – is to assist in and automate simple to complex calculations to not only reduce errors, but to allow the experienced practitioner more time to effectively apply their specialized knowledge and analytical skills to the data for the best possible outcomes.

Automation Efficiency

Unfortunately, many of the current tools require too much labor-intensive data manipulation for clean importation and integration into the enterprise. The user ends up serving the tool instead of the tool serving them.

DecisionEdge WebEVM is a complete rewrite of the Oracle Earned Value Manager EVMS software. WebEVM is deployed as a web/cloud-based product that can be used with either Oracle or SQL Server relational databases. It is a 64-bit application that takes advantage of the current software and hardware technologies. It is an Enterprise system that integrates with MSO Project, Oracle P6, Empower, and any ERP software.

Enterprise Automation Example

Lockheed Info

The software can process large volumes of data very efficiently. As an example, a project that has 1,200 WBS elements can be processed in 10 seconds. This includes reading the structure from the schedule, the time phased data from the resource loaded schedule, rate application, and cost summarization through the WBS. The engines performance is linear so if the example was increased by a factor of ten it would process 12,000 WBS elements including time phased resource assignments in 100 seconds.

In this way teams can spend more time on critical data analysis and not on data loading. They actually do a better job!

Key WebEVM Features

  • Enterprise Scalability
  • Seamless Accounting/Project Management Software Integration
    • WBS
    • Alternate Structures
    • Time Phased Resource Information
    • Project Status
  • Rates and Summarizes Enterprise Data in Minutes
  • Automate any of WebEVM’s Functionality
  • Change Management Automates Baseline Compares and CBB Log Generation
  • Maintains Accurate Historical Cost Information for Retroactive Changes
  • EAC Approval Process provides standard Metrics for measuring ETC/EAC’s.
  • Security
    • Role Based
    • Supports SAML Single Sign On
    • Project Level Security

WebEVM Automation Benefits

  • Streamline the Process
  • Increase Efficiencies
  • Accurate Information
  • Timeliness
  • Informed Decision Making